Monday, October 25, 2010


Burning through the veins the agony to live,
Intellectual demise carries the bliss, to give
Joy de vivre. Our own futility mimes
On the cardinal rule of democracy.
Yet sublime thy mind!

written on the birthday of my friend Bijoy Mukherjee


Streets are empty with glowing street lights,
alleys covered with mist, foggy wind passes by,
yearning for the soul. The old man stands
atop the rocky wall....
Noah's Ark lies beneath his feet. Shimmering
day and lenient night walk side by side;
effervescence of solitude gathers upon. The
epoch making tryst, the ploughing of the field
proliferates the bliss.

This is dedicated to my friend Sayandeep Kundu.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Effervescence of a dreamer

The world is an arena where we come to perform some actions. Those actions need training. But this training is a continuous process. When a child starts to learn, he or she learns as per instruction. Similar is the case of all animals. But an animal learns only to survive. But humans do not learn only for survival. They seek knowledge as a basic need.
A human sometimes realizes knowledge without any teaching or instruction or necessity. This self-realization of knowledge is wisdom. so wisdom=self-realization of knowledge. Moreover, one gains knowledge everyday, but gains wisdom rarely. So it should be preserved as a treasure.
At first, this world is a chaos. It has been put into order. This journey from chaos to order is civilization. The supreme force has put some rules in this chaos. So there is also order in the chaos. But it is not so distinct or transparent to realize. We, the rebellious, try to defy these rules of chaos and to establish our own order. May be that's why nature hates us as much as she loves us.